Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tweet wrap of day 2 at the Strategic Science in Antarctica conference

APECS Oceania is "tweeting" from the Strategic Science in Antarctica conference currently underway in Hobart.

For those not on the Twitter bandwagon yet here is our wrap-up of day 2 at the conference straight from the source, our Twitter feed @APECSOceania (retweets included):

9h Great way to start day 2 with a keynote presentation from Ian Allison on Antarctic Cryosphere.

9h Jonathan Stark talking about the environmental impacts of sewage out falls and the impacts of introducing non-native microbes

9h Next Plenary - Jonathan Stark discusses an environmental impact study of sewage discharge from Davis Station

9h Effluent highly concentrated and is full of toxic chemicals and pathogens

8h Animals being exposed to excessively high levels of faecal pathogens  

8h Identification of antibiotic resistant bacteria from sewerage outfalls and surrounding environment  

8h Australian Antarctic division are developing new state of the art waste water system to reduce sewerage contamination.

8h Keynote presentation by Neil Gilbert on the Antarctic Treaty.

7h Greg Hince of discusses fuel spill remediation in Antarctica. (@AntarcticScienc)

 7h ’s Macquarie Island station implements a complex remediation response to contamination sites.
7h Mark curran presenting on secrets from the past. Using antarctic ice cores to provide information on climate variability

6h Dr Mick Abbott of discusses Scott Base.
6h Reducing waste and environmental impacts at Scott Base by Mick Abbot.

6h For every tonne that goes down, 200 kg comes back. Working on managing this as activities in Antarctica increase. (@AntarcticScienc)

5h Mark Hindell talking about ecological response of top predator to climate variability.

3h Keynote speaker for the next Session Prof Steven Chown.

2h Vascular weeds are spreading and adapting faster than indigenous species on subantarctic Marion Island (@AntarcticScienc)

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