Wednesday, 25 September 2013

IGS2014 International Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Environment

The IGS2014 International Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Environment is happening in Hobart next March (

The symposium local organising committee would like to encourage you to:
(1) Consider submitting an abstract for the conference (the deadline has been extended to 20th Sept 2013 and the Scientific Committee has indicated that a low number of submissions have been received from local students and ECRs).
(2) Consider volunteering to help with aspects of the conference itself. This might include helping to chair sessions, manning the registration desk, providing general info to international visitors or being involved with public events.
If you think you might be interested in number (2) then please get in touch with me, Petra Heil ( or Molly Jia (, and we can provide you with more information. Volunteering at a conference like this would certainly be an excellent opportunity to make some great contacts for future work.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

2013/2014 Enderby Scholarships

Enderby Trust invites applications for

the 2013/2014 Enderby Scholarships

Enderby Scholarships allow recipients to experience the Southern and Pacific Ocean in the same spirit of exploration and discovery
as the vessels of Enderby & Co.

Open to applicants aged 18 – 30 years, who would otherwise be unable to travel to the Southern Ocean.

Enderby Scholarship Background

Starting in 1830 the London based Enderby & Co outfitted vessels for commercial voyages of discovery, captains were expected to go above and beyond their normal duties in the services of discover & exploration. A series of remarkable voyages began with the 1830 departure of the Tula and the Lively, on this voyage Captain John Biscoe discovered land at 67ºS and named it Enderby Land. In 1838 John Balleny, sailing to the Southern Ocean on the Eliza Scott accompanied by the Sabrina discovered the Balleny Islands and Sabrina Land. A stalwart of Enderby & Co, Charles Enderby, was a founding member of the Royal Geographical Society and in 1841 he was admitted to the Royal Society of London for his “promotion of geographical discovery in the Antarctic regions”.

Enderby Trust works in conjunction with New Zealand’s premier expedition travel company, Heritage Expeditions, to offer scholarship positions aboard expeditions to the Subantarctic Islands and Antarctica aboard the Spirit of Enderby and Akademik Shokalskiy. (Refer to for vessel and expedition itinerary information.)

Enderby Trust was founded by the Russ Family knowing the opportunities for young people to visit these regions are limited but believing it is vitally important that young people experience this amazing region. The Trustee’s hope scholarship participants will share their experiences and enthusiasm with other people and grow the awareness of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Each expedition is accompanied by a team of naturalists and biologists to enhance the learning possibilities.

Application Process

In less than four hundred words you must persuade the trustees why you should receive a scholarship and how the experience will benefit both you and the region. The trustees encourage creativity & passion, so let this shine through in your application. Applications can be submitted in the medium that best suits you!

Applications should include:
  1. Full name and Date of Birth (proof of age may be required);
  2. Address including daytime and after hours telephone numbers;
  3. Scholarship applied for (Name and Departure Date);
  4. Submission expressing interest within the Southern Ocean (see above);
  5. Name and address of one referee;
  6. Declaration that you have sufficient funds to pay the contribution required.

Submit applications to:

The Trustees
Enderby Trust
P.O. Box 7228,
Christchurch 8240

Applicant Requirements

Successful applicants for the scholarships are expected to make a contribution to the expedition cost. This equates to 30% of the advertised cost of the expedition, Enderby Trust contributes the remaining 70% plus applicable government landing fees.

Successful applicants are required to submit a presentation in a mutually agreed style on a topic of their choice within three months of their travel. Recipients are reminded that a goal of the trust is too encourage greater interest in and understanding of the Southern Ocean, its landscapes, history and biological diversity. The submitted presentation should be in keeping with the aims and goals of the trust.

Closing dates for applications:

Friday 18 October 2013

Enderby Trust is offering scholarships on the following expeditions this season with Heritage Expeditions (full itineraries for these expeditions can be viewed on

Birding Down Under
14 November – 2 December 2013
Bluff to Dunedin

Advertised price: US$10,500 pp.
Cost to successful applicant: US$3,150

Galapagos of the Southern Ocean
2 December – 14 December 2013
Dunedin to Bluff

Advertised price: US$5,600 pp.
Cost to successful applicant: US$1,680

Heritage Expeditions offers these two annual Southern Ocean expeditions to cater for those interested in birds and nature. Birding Down Under is arguably one of the greatest birding expeditions anywhere in the world and gives participants a unique opportunity to view numerous birds, in some cases including rare pelagic species and also endemic island species, it is the only Heritage Expeditions voyage that visits all of the Subantarctic Islands including the Chatham Islands. Galapagos of the Southern Ocean explores the three main island groups of Auckland, Macquarie and Campbell Islands and allows participants to experience the astounding biodiversity and importance of these islands as a wildlife refuge. Both of these expeditions will forever change your appreciation of the Southern Ocean and its wildlife. (The Trustees will also pay the applicable landing fees of US$650 pp)

In the Wake of Scott & Shackleton
17 January – 15 February 2014
Bluff to Bluff

Advertised price: US$18,700 pp.
Cost to successful applicant: US$5,610

Heritage Expeditions offer this voyage of discovery to the Ross Sea region of Antarctic every year which attracts those interested in nature and history. We break our journey to the ice at the Subantarctic Islands which are a part of the amazing and dynamic Southern Ocean ecosystem of which Antarctica is at the very heart. In the Ross Sea our passage passes icebergs, sea ice and glacial ice tongues, the journey is enriched by the wildlife we encounter and the historic sites we hope to see. This is one of the most remote and fascinating places in the world, a unique opportunity to experience nature on a scale so grand that there are no words to describe it, this expedition on Akademik Shokalskiy is truly a life changing experience. (The Trustees will also pay the applicable landing fees of US$750 pp)

New Zealand’s Remote Islands
9 – 19 March 2014
Bluff to Lyttelton

Advertised price: US$4,800 pp.
Cost to successful applicant: US$1,440

Expeditions to the Bounty and Antipodes Islands are almost unheard of, this season Heritage Expeditions offers this great opportunity to experience their unique natural and cultural history, plus take in the Chatham archipelago as well as the more accessible Chatham and Pitt Island. Our experienced on board lecture team share their knowledge and high conservation values for these islands making this a truly unique opportunity to not only see the islands but to learn from the experts. There are opportunities to observe many island endemic species including Antipodean Wandering Albatross, the very rare Magenta and Chatham Island Petrel and Erect-crested Penguins. This ‘one off’ expedition will enhance your understanding and appreciation of these remote island groups. (The Trustees will also pay the applicable landing fees of US$450 pp)

South Pacific Odyssey
2 April – 2 May 2014
Tauranga to Honiara, Solomon Islands

Advertised price: US$12,700 pp.
Cost to successful applicant: US$3,810

This expedition includes the rarely visited Kermadec Islands, Tonga (including the remote northern island of ‘Tin Can’ or Nuiafo’ou) the outer islands of Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. They boast lush tropical rainforest packed with many endemic birds and other wildlife while the seas surrounding the islands are some of the richest in the world in terms of marine diversity. This expedition caters for those interested in birds, cultural history and the rich marine life of these lesser known islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Although primarily about birds, this odyssey allows participants the opportunity to join our team of naturalists and experience the ecosystem of these Pacific and Melanesian islands on this Heritage Expeditions journey from Tauranga. (The Trustees will also pay the applicable landing fees of US$700 pp).

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Contract Opportunity for Youth Outreach in Support of the IUCN 2014 World Parks Congress‏

Parks Canada is looking for an energetic individual to help support youth outreach activities leading up to the November 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress, with a focus on connecting youth with nature.  This is an international contract, open to individuals from around the world.  If you are interested in an exciting initiative and have experience in youth leadership and engagement, please consider submitting a contract bid by October 08, 2013.

Parks Canada, the IUCN Commission for Education and Communication, the IUCN World Commission for Protected Areas and their Young Professional Working Group, and the IUCN Taskforce on Intergenerational Partnerships for Sustainability are leading the development of a presentation stream and special events at the November 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia centered on Inspiring a New Generation.

This stream will support the growth of a global movement dedicated to inviting people across the world to experience, be inspired by, value and conserve nature.    It will bring a powerful youth voice to the Congress.  It will broaden the ability of park agencies and conservation organizations to reach children, youth and urban audiences, in exploring the use of new technology, and in engaging new partners and sectors of society. Through the inclusion of youth and young conservation professionals at this congress, this stream will build a legacy of youth leadership across the global parks community.

The purpose of this contract will be to nurture partnerships with youth organizations around the world, to facilitate youth participation at the World Parks Congress, and to help as part of a team in the development and delivery of a series of youth sessions and initiatives at the Congress.  

If you think you are the right candidate for this exciting opportunity, please submit a contract bid by October 08, 2013.

The Request for Proposals for this contract can be found at:

Marc Johnson
Conseiller en matière de stratégies  | Strategic Advisor
Relations externes et expérience du visiteur | External Relations and Visitor Experience

Parcs Canada | Parks Canada

25 rue Eddy, Gatineau, Québec, K1A 0M5 |
(819) 953-7256