Sunday, 30 June 2013

Leadership in Science workshop and panel discussion Twitter wrap

Here's how our Leadership in Science workshop and panel discussion unfolded at the Strategic Science in Antarctica conference on Friday, June 28th.

Workshop on Leadership in Science for Early Career Scientists about to begin! #antsci13.”
APECS Oceania would like to thank the panelists and @AntarcticScienc for helping us put this workshop together. Great turnout! #antsci13
Molly kicking us off with a presentation about the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (Oceania) #antsci

@Polar_Research (APECS) and @APECSOceania is about supporting postgrads, undergrads and those new to the workforce. #antsci13
What is leadership? @APECSOceania's Sarah Ugalde presenting on what leadership can mean to early career scientists. #antsci13

Interested in becoming a member of @APECSOceania or becoming a mentor? Join up @ …. #antsci13 #antarctic #science
Comforted to know that our polar early career scientists are democratic-type leaders #leadership #antsci13
Your career is more than just good science. Lack of leadership training during uni and early career phase highlighted #antarctica #antsci13
Opportunities are available for those early-career/student scientists. e.g. Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award & Tall Poppy Awards #antsci13
Polar early career scientists & students need to be proactive in seeking out opportunities for leadership skill development #antsci13
@APECSOceania would like to also thank @IMAS_UTAS and the @TasPostgrads for their support in running this #Antsci13 workshop!”
Polar survival challenge activity: how will our early career scientists tackle a survival scenario? #antsci13

Early career leadership skills: create a clear vision; build networks; know strengths & weaknesses; identify morals; education #antsci13
Our panelists are arriving - looking forward to a vibrant discussion on leadership in polar science. #antsci13 #leadership #antarctica
We're off! Panel discussion has begun. Fabulous discussion ensuing between experienced scientists and early career scientists. #antsci13
Leadership: hard work, emotional intelligence, opportunity, mobility and enthusiasm are the cornerstones. #antsci13
The differences in the way men and women have approached their careers and their science, are changing. #antsci13
Marine and antarctic science environment is proving to be a supportive environment for women. #antsci13
Our panellists: wonderful and diverse discussion on career progression and experience. APECS thanks you! #antsci13"

Gaining experience: from a hiring perspective, volunteering and demonstrating keen-ness goes a long way. #antsci13
You will not get a job on your scientific qualifications alone, but on that extra thing you give to employer #earlycareerscience #antsci13
Do you need a PhD to get somewhere in the science community? Not necessarily. Interesting response from panellists. #antsci13
Quiet achiever in a large institution is often the most sought after. #earlycareerscience #antsci13
Publish or perish for career progression? #earlycareerscientists #antsci13

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