Sunday, 5 January 2014

We had nice weather on this weekend at Aurora Basin, blue sky with no wind.
Main and firn air drilling team are doing well with some minor problem. 

Both team reached ~100 m depth. Saturday, our process team drilled 2 x 12 m shallow ice
core. Sunday was quite warm day that temperature goes up till -1.5 C. Inside process 
tent temperature becomes positive degree that we have to stop working in there. 
Otherwise all our precious ice cores will melt! We didn't expect this warm at ABN. 
As we cannot work on our ice core, we decided enjoy this warm. Some people went to ski,
others went to walk on skiway, had a cup of tea under sunshine. When it’s cool down 
again in late afternoon, we back to work. Process team drilled another 10 m of shallow 
core, main drilling team reached 132 m, and firn air drilling team reached 104.5 m. 
They also extracted air from two levels. They are finding that the bubbles are closing 
more quickly than expected. We finished a day with nice dinner and few glasses of wine 
in cosy kitchen tent. It was beautiful warm nice day.

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