Friday, 3 January 2014


Finally, all of us made it into Aurora Basin on Christmas day. It was less than 2 hrs 
flight with basler airplane. Field leader Sharon and Noel were waiting for us at skiway 
and took us to the camp.
In the ABN camp, we have 1 kitchen/living tent, 2 ice core drilling tent, 1 ice core 
process tent, 1 power and equipment (PE) tent, 2 toilet tent, 1 med tent, and 18 
sleeping tent. The camp is already in good shape that all tents are set up except 
process tent which will be my working place. We have only one heater in our camp named 
Toby. He is our best friend, he is hot and nice. He is always in the kitchen tent, 
working hard to keep us warm. PE tent is important tent. There are 3 generators, 
ice melter for making water, and shower! These generators provide all power in our 
camp. We use electricity for drilling, processing, analysing ice core, communication,
cooking and making water. The shower is not really proper shower but we can use hot 
water for washing ourselves occasionally which seldom happen.
After short break in cosy kitchen, we start setting up our ice core process tent to 
complete our camp setting. It was windy day that difficult to put all cover on frames.
We took 2 days to set up our all process equipment.
Meanwhile, we had to postpone Christmas until the 26th Dec. That was quite experience 
having a Christmas in middle of nowhere and it was completely white Christmas! We had 
nice dinner (Thank you, Jenny!), we had Santa Clause, we had gift, we had laugh, we had
very special good time.

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