Thursday, 7 March 2013

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[Polarpol] Importance of Antarctic in a local economy [Tasmanian State Premier's speech]

Without overstating the significance of local political statements in Tasmania to those of you outside Australia, a major speech by the State Premier there today may have passing interest in showing how there (as perhaps also in Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, and Christchurch), Antarctica and the commercial facets of Antarctic activities may have local economic/political significance. These local - and not just national and international - contexts are increasingly salient in relation to Antarctic futures.
Full (and rather long) address at:
The two referrals to Antarctica
"We are seizing the opportunities offered by MONA, Barnbougle, our tourism industry, our outstanding University, our world class arts and cultural industry, and our status as a gateway to the Antarctic."
"Following our meetings with Chinese Antarctic officials, this summer saw the first visit by an ice breaker from that country, building on expected visits from Korean and Japanese vessels and consolidating our key role in Antarctic logistics and research." 
Dr Alan D. Hemmings
Environmental Consultant - Polar Regions

[Polarpol] "Antarctic Trip: Diplomacy on Ice Heats Up" [US State Department Magazine]

Diplomacy on Ice - pages 10-12 in

The March 2013 number of the US State Department's magazine (State Magazine Issue Number 576) profiles recent US interests and actions in relation to Antarctica: "Diplomacy on Ice", pages 10-12.

The inspections, representing the first time either country had conducted a joint inspection in Antarctica, were called for in an agreement that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton signed with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in September 2012. The United States and Russia were architects of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 and today conduct some of the most extensive and diverse scientific activities in Antarctica. Importantly, both countries reject territorial claims by other parties and are strong supporters of the Antarctic Treaty system. Working closely with our Russian counterparts provided an excellent opportunity to reinforce our shared objectives for the peace and science in Antarctica. The results of the inspection will be presented to all treaty parties at the May Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting.

Dr Alan D. Hemmings
Environmental Consultant - Polar Regions

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