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Call for Expressions of Interest - participation in Antarctic and Southern Ocean conference, June 2013

Call for Expressions of Interest – participation in Antarctic and Southern Ocean conference, June 2013

APECS Oceania would like to ascertain whether members would be interested in assisting with the organisation and running of the upcoming Antarctic and Southern Ocean conference. The conference will be held from 24th to 28th June in Hobart.

This is an excellent opportunity for members to gain experience in the running of scientific meetings, to network with polar researchers, and to contribute to the formation of polar science and policy.

It is anticipated that conference registration fees will be discounted for APECS Oceania members willing to assist during the meeting.

Members have the opportunity to participate in the conference in two ways:

1. Co-chair of Discussion Panel

A discussion panel will be held at the end of most theme sessions during the conference sessions (24th to 26th June). The discussions will be led by several co-chairs (the panel) who will make some introductory comments summarising the day’s sessions and then invite the audience to participate in discussions surrounding key issues relevant to each theme.

Proposed conference themes are as follows:

1. Physical Change and Global Connections

2. Science Communication

3. Land and Coastal Marine

4. Frontier Science

5. Marine ecosystems

2. Rapporteurs

The rapporteur duties will involve summarising both the conference sessions and the discussion panels. The intended outputs are brief written summaries of each theme, leading to published Position Statements on key issues and future directions for each theme. Some of these will feed back into the Australian Antarctic Science (AAS) Strategy. It is anticipated that rapporteurs will work in small teams on this task – you would not be expected to take on an entire session by yourself.

To be considered for these roles you do not need not to have expertise in a given field, just an interest in the topic, as we are keen to gain fresh perspectives on the topics.

If one or both of these opportunities are of interest to you, please register your interest by COB FRIDAY 8TH MARCH 2013, by sending an email to

Further information is available on the conference website:

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