Wednesday, 1 August 2012

AAD Seminar: Kite Photography in Antarctica

Kite Photography in Antarctica

Speaker: Chris Henderson (Mawson's Huts Foundation)
Date: Thursday 9 August 2012, 11 AM
Venue: Theatrette, Australian Antarctic Division, 203 Channel Highway, Kingston, Tasmania

Kite photography is a cheap and easy way to get low-level aerial photographs without disturbing the local fauna.  Dr Chris Henderson developed the technique as part of the Mawson's Huts Foundation trip to Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay in 2010.  About 6,000 photographs were taken at heights ranging from 5-50 metres on many flights.  As you can imagine flying kites at Cape Denison - the windiest place on earth - proved a bit of a challenge.  It has been tried and failed 3 times in the past - this is the first successful attempt.  The talk will cover the techniques of kite photography, demonstrate the equipment and discuss the numerous ways in which it was used for various projects during the 2 month visit.  

BIO: Dr Chris Henderson has degrees in science, medicine and engineering.  He went to Casey in 1986 as a scientist studying motion sickness, to Cape Denison in 2009 as the Doctor, and 2010 as the Engineer.  He spent several years at university, became a GP, then a remote area doctor for 10 years in NW Australia.  Then he went to prison as Director of Health Services in WA and Tasmania for 7 years before regaining his freedom.  Now he is a university tutor and GP, and develops equipment for filming in remote locations.

For people residing outside of Hobart the following link accesses archived pdf files of past seminars:

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